Seed Cleaning Evenings at Candlebark Nursery


Candlebark Community Nursery

Seed Cleaning Nights Are Coming!

Volunteers, friends and members are invited to come and help Candlebark Nursery clean our seed harvest.

No experience necessary but do bring your glasses if you use them!

Monday 23rd January – 6.00pmBbq-free-barbecue-clipart

Tuesday 21st February- 6.00pm

Wednesday 22nd March- 6.00pm

At the Nursery

BBQ provided

Please let us know if you can make it via email at

or ph: 9727 0594  mob: 0499 021 315


Looking for a plant that looks spectacular and can cover a boring fenceline? Cassinia longifolia is one answer.

Cassinia longifolia – A great shrub for screening and looks spectacular when in flower.

Cassinia longifolia grows from 2 – 4 metres tall and 2 – 3 metres wide. It is fast growing, great for creating a screen, and copes with a bit of sun but will also grow well in the shade. It is a butterfly nectar provider and the flowers can be cut and dried. This shrub likes a good prune after flowering to maintain shape and prevent woodiness.

We have plenty of tubestock of this beautiful plant available at the nursery. Come in and check out what we have.

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers


Seasons Greetings from Candlebark


To all our customers, members, volunteers and friends we wish you a very restful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year time.

Thank you for your support for our nursery throughout the year and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

We will be closed as of December 22nd and re-open on Tuesday 3rd January.

Christmas baubles
Christmas baubles
Christmas baubles

Christmas present ideas


Are you still rushing around looking for that perfect present? Why not consider a present that keeps on giving by buying one of our wonderful indigenous plant pots, or a beautiful plant voucher that can be used for up to 12 months.

Christmas potsPlant Voucher

Happy Christmas to all our supporters and customers who have visited us over the year.

Candlebark will be closed from December 23rd and re-open on Tuesday January 3rd.

Christmas tree

Recycling Tubes

Do You Have Forestry Tubes Lying Around At Home?

Candlebark is keen to promote recycling of forestry tubes and so if you have some tubes that have collected in a corner of your garden and looking for a new home, we would love to help out.

Do drop into the nursery and ‘drop in’ your tubes … and maybe check out our beautiful plants that are waiting to go into gardens. We would also happy to recycle 15cm or 6 inch pots that you no longer need.




Old Gippsland Road Plant Rescue


Tim Flaim rescuing plants

Friends of Old Gippsland Road and Candlebark Nursery indigenous plant rescue

Yarra Ranges Council recently undertook works to improve the intersection of Old Hereford Road and Old Gippsland Road.
While this will be good for our community it means that some remnant roadside vegetation would be impacted by the works.

However, the Friends of Old Gippsland Road, together with Candlebark Community Nursery and their volunteers approached Councils Parks & Environment team to undertake the salvage of a number of species of plants from the intersection area prior to the works beginning.

Plants ranging from small trees and shrubs, herbs and groundcovers, creepers and climbers and orchids have been saved including Myrtle Wattle, Common Heath, Golden Bush-pea, Chocolate Lily, Red Anther Wallaby Grass and Slaty Leek Orchid.

Candlebark Nursery manager Tim Flaim and staff will care for the plants at the nursery over the summer months and try to propagate from some of the rescued plants to increase their local populations.  Then, when works are complete and conditions are favourable for replanting, many of the rescued plants will be put back near to their original location as part of the rehabilitation of the site.